Something's Brewing

Something's Brewing in upTOWNE Anaheim. The Towne Park
Brewery & Taproom is now officially open!

Come join us for a cold pint of Towne Park Brew and
amazing fun at the new brewery.

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Beer doesn't play favorites. It’s enjoyed by people from all walks of life – blue collar, white collar, no collar. It has a way of bringing people together, regardless of what might at times set us apart. That community nature of beer is what inspired us to bring Towne Park Brew to life. Our founder’s roots run deep in Orange County. His upbringing focused on a sociable culture. He developed a taste and appreciation for micro-brewed beer and brought together a combination of both to create your favorite Towne.

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Our beer is only part of our story and purpose. It’s one thing to celebrate how beer unites people, it’s quite another to take that idea to the next level and actually develop and celebrate a community. Towne Park is about people. We want to bring people together to relax and party, to have lively debates and to create, motivate or inspire (with beer in hand, of course). That is the ultimate goal. The true purpose of Towne Park. Uniting people in an atmosphere of not only sharing a good time, but also challenging and learning from one another along the way.

We are Towne Park Brew. We believe in beer. We believe in community. Welcome to our Towne.

Towne Mayor