It's no secret I'm a free spirit, but don't worry, I'll never leave you hanging. I'm an all-American girl, well-traveled and full of adventure. I'm brewed with Magnum, Perle and Cascade hops, and wanderlust has taken me every-where in between. My Maris Otter malts bring all the flavor your palette needs. The essence of a true Pale Ale is in the aroma and I've got what it takes to tickle your nose. Tap my inner flower-child so we can jam at all the festivals and dance around bonfires on the beach. No matter where you're going, when you have me, you've arrived.


A Towne isn’t defined by any one individual. It’s a mash-up of diverse personalities, different ways of thinking and unique approaches to the way we live our lives. Some of us are brash and bold, others are simple yet refined – no combination of traits makes one better than the other, it just allows us to be us.

To bring our own flavor to the world and contribute in our own way. Sameness is bland and boring. Different people, different flavors, it’s what builds and sets a community apart. Each beer in our line is developed with a particular profile, a unique “character” in mind, adding personality to our lineup. Meet our characters, and in doing so, understand our Towne.

Food Pairing


Beer by itself: awesome. Beer with food: awesomer. Beer paired with the right food: awesomest. A Towne Park beer – like The Big Lebowski – is always appropriate. Doesn’t matter the time or season. Great beer is a great idea. But beer, like a fine wine, can be enhanced when paired with the right flavors.
Experience Pairing


A long hot summer’s day on the beach with friends? The Towne Blonde. A rewarding cold beer after a mountain bike through the local hills? May we recommend the Towne Classic? Every beer in our Towne has a time and place where it’ll hit the spot and we want to help get you there quick.
Playlist Pairing


Tunes won’t necessarily make a party, but they can certainly ruin one. The same goes for beer and music. You want all the elements to come together. The Towne Hippy on a gloomy summer’s day with some EDM: someone needs a hug. The Towne Blonde on a sunny day with some Marley: perfection. Let us offer some suggestions.

If you want full-flavored and malty, you need to meet the Towne Hippie, our Pale Ale. Made with predominantly pale malt - hence the lighter color that its close-relative, the IPA - our Pale Ale is a fitting friend to complement a proyein-rich meal or unwind after a long day. Loaded with Magnum, Perle and Cascade hops, the Towne Hippie will certainly and proudly lighten the mood and provide good vibes for all who partake.