Our Beers

Sunny days and mellow evenings, this sweet and smooth Blonde ale is perfect for keeping the mood right. With golden hues and lightly roasted barley, Towne Blonde is the ultimate drinkable beer for where ever the setting may be.


Always smooth, with a pinch of spice, our American Lager - the Towne Classic - is a go - to everyday beer. Rich and full-flavored, it's the beer that will be ideal for a tailgate or post-hike, beer games or experimenting in the kitchen. The most drinkable brew (not hoppy, bitter or malty), smooth and sensational from the moment it hits your lips. Of our highly-drinkable line of beers, we're sure the Towne Classic is going to be a favorite companion.


The IPA is complicated. Misunderstood by some, loved by many. Big in herbal and citric character, our Towne IPA also carries a degree of bitterness that is common in what is considered the flagship flavor of the craft beer movement. If you're looking for something full flavored with a nice malty backbone, the Towne IPA is for you.


Leave it to the Belgians to create what we consider as one of the most versatile beers in our Towne. The Towne Tiger, our White Ale, has a pale yet cloudy appearance due to being unfiltered with a high level of wheat that's present in the mash. It's sweet, yet complex, an ideal mate on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


If you want full-flavored and malty, you need to meet the Towne Hippie, our Pale Ale. Made with predominantly pale malt - hence the lighter color that its close-relative, the IPA - our Pale Ale is a fitting friend to complement a proyein-rich meal or unwind after a long day. Loaded with Magnum, Perle and Cascade hops, the Towne Hippie will certainly and proudly lighten the mood and provide good vibes for all who partake.


While its cousin, the Towne Hippie, gets much of the mainstream acclaim, the Towne Belle also provides its fair share of notable adventure. With a higher proportion of amber malt, the reddish color distinguishes the Towne Belle from its fellow Towne characters. Our Amber Ale carries a medium-high maltiness with some mild caramel character.