Jeremy Mayo: Head Brewer


Our favorite thing about our Head Brewer, Jeremy Mayo, is that he’s a self-taught brewer. Jeremy has always loved craft beer, but his passion for brewing began when he moved to California and started cleaning kegs at Bay Hawk Ales in Irvine. Over time, Jeremy watched the brewers, picked up on the methods, and eventually became head brewer. After 12 years of brewing at Bayhawk Ales, Jeremy then helped build Legends in Anaheim where he met the Brett, the Founder of Towne Park Brew Co.

As our Head Brewer, Jeremy considers himself to be a “clean brewer”. What does he mean by that? “The water needs to be perfectly clean. I make my water the way I want it and then my beers come out the way I want them to.” And don’t be surprised to see Jeremy at a restaurant cleaning Towne Park’s beer lines--he’s so dedicated to the taste of a fresh beer, that he plans on cleaning out our lines the second the beer tastes off. His goal is to make sure “everyone is drinking the same beer that we have at the brewery,” even if that means scrubbing lines in a suit.

Jeremy’s pride in the Towne Park taste is not unwarranted. From start to finish, Jeremy has been there for it all--from assembling a passionate team to create Towne Park, to moving all the beer tanks with just four people and a forklift, to designing the taste of each beer. Towne Park’s 20,000 square feet of space, 60 barrels, and starting production number of 15,120 (16oz)  beers a day--with room to grow--makes us the largest brewery in Orange County, no easy feat with over 620 breweries in the area.

Jeremy went into Towne Park wanting to bring Anaheim’s growing craft beer culture to the mainstream. Because of our craft beer’s simplicity, he doesn’t think the uber complexity-loving crowd of Southern California will be too hip on Towne Park’s brews at first. Later on, though, he expects to get the avid enthusiasts into our “more easy drinking, sessionable beers” with our on-trend packaging and dedication to the local community.

Jeremy plans on brewing six different types of easy drinking beers, all with a distinct taste. The blonde will be crisp and clean -- not hop- or malt-forward. In contrast, the IPA is going to be hoppy with a grassy, almost earthy taste. The amber will have a friendly, sweet feel with balanced malts. The cloudy, wheaty white ale will be brewed with flaked corn to give it some extra oomph. Jeremy’s favorite beer, a pale ale, will be calm, slightly hoppy, and complex. The beer he’s most well known for is a lager, not a pale ale, and we couldn’t be more excited about this one. Don’t expect him to give you a general flavor profile, though. He intends to brew his lagers the way he sees them without sticking to one style of lager.

We’re thrilled to have Jeremy’s passion for beer and expertise on our team as Head Brewer. We know he will make some great beers for you to enjoy.

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